Blossom time at Osaka mint

The Osaka mint (or zouheikyoku) is located near Sakuranomiya bridge. It is not far from Tenmabashi station.

Every year in April their grounds are open to the public to show off the huge range of cherry blossoms they have growing there. There are 350 trees (130 varieties of blossoms) growing there, the largest variety in Japan.

This year the grounds are open from the 16th-22nd of April.

10:00 through 21:00 (weekdays)

9:00 through 21:00 (Saturday and Sunday)

We went on the second day which (compared to the first day when 80,000 people walked through) was not too busy!

As luck would have it, my camera`s battery died just as we entered the grounds, so I managed to get lots of pictures of the food stalls, but none of the blossoms!! I snapped some on my mobile phone though...

So pretty!


  1. Hello!

    You have a really lovely blog.

    I'm from Venezuela and I have visited Japan twice (long story) but unfortunately it's so expensive to go there with this economic crisis! So I suppose I'll enjoy looking at your pictures of the so romantic spring in Japan.


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