Birthday fun for me!

So I celebrated my birthday on Tuesday. It started off well, with a present of a bottle of wine from my boss at the preschool! Nice!!

Aiden and I came home for lunch, then back to work in the afternoon as usual.

Dinner was tempura made by my mother-in-law and it was really delicious. It seems that tempura has become my birthday food in recent years and I am NOT complaining. Yummy! I also opened a bottle of NZ wine that I had, and enjoyed a few glasses with MIL and SIL who joined us for dinner with her 2 daughters.

We had a great cake for dessert too! Yoshi got home from work in time to light the candles and eat cake with us which was really nice.

And then I opened my pressies... a jacket from Zara from MIL, a bag from Diesel from Yoshi, and a new camera strap cover from Aiden (well, from me really!)

I was very very spoilt, and have been promised that the rest of my presents from my mum, dad and sis are in the post!

Thanks everyone xx


  1. Good birthday loot!! The camera strap is beautiful! I just might steal it when I see you next ;)

    I'm glad your birthday went well!! <3

  2. Happy Birthday!! I love seeing where my camera straps end up all over the world. I hope you love it. Happy to find your blog. Cheers!!


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