31 Ice cream(s?)

Baskins Robbins (or 31 ice cream as it is known in Japan) held a promotion this month (runs until April 26th) called `Get all 31 flavors`. Basically, when you spend 400yen, you get a ticket with a unique code printed on it. Enter the code into your computer or phone and see if you have won.

There are 3,100 prizes of 31 free ice-creams up for grabs throughout Japan.

And I won!! We bought an ice-cream cake from Baskin Robbins for Aiden`s 2nd birthday and it was about 2,000yen, so we got 4 tickets. One of them was lucky!

I thought that a box of 31 ice-cream scoops might be delivered to the door, but today I got a cute package with 31 coupons for free (kids-sized) single scoops of ice cream.

It`s gonna be a yummy summer!


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