2 years old!

This is the last monthly birthday update I will write! 

Happy 2nd birthday Aiden!!!

Just 2 short years ago, at 4:58pm, you came into this world, all chubby and cute and very thirsty. It was a really tough day, a painful day (you can read Aiden`s birth story here if you want to), a day in some ways I would rather forget, but in other ways wish I could remember more clearly. 

For the first year of your life, you nursed consistently every 2 hours, of every 24-hour day. You exhausted me my darling, and the year passed in a complete blur. I look back at pictures and wish I could have spent more time enjoying your adorable self, but instead spent zombie-like from a lack of sleep.

During your second year of life, we had much more fun together, as you began to communicate, and show your playful, curious and stubborn sides. Your walking became running, jumping and climbing, and your mumbles became words, and screams and shouts.

You are a proper little boy! You are strong, you are capable, you are determined. You are funny, you are smart and you are kind. I couldn`t wish for more (except maybe less of the screaming and kicking when we are confined to small spaces full of people like trains or elevators please!)

Here are some of my favorite pics from the last 2 years. And more pics from the birthday day in an upcoming post!
April 8th 2011; the day you were born!

first kawaii smile!

 with 4 of your 5 older cousins

 first ride in the car

meeting Aunty Eve

with Grandma in NZ

 first pic with great Nana who sadly passed away last year

stylin with daddy

 so much attitude!

 one year old

 our family with Yoshi`s older brother`s family

 Look at us all dressed up!

with Grandpa in the UK

Happy 2nd birthday my darling boy!


  1. Happy Birthday, Aiden, beautiful boy! I really love that first picture you posted of him. hehe ;-) All of the other photos are gorgeous as well. I'm so happy you also found those self taken shots of the two of you. ;-) I have a bunch of those on my iPhone as well that are great to touch up on the Instagram app!
    By the way, Fran, you look so much like my cousin Tiffany, it's uncanny! Her son is named Aiden too! Have fun celebrating today. I can't wait to meet up again. xoxo


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