2 years old : the celebration

Aiden`s birthday was on Monday but Yoshi didn`t have a day off this week until Thursday, so we delayed all the celebrations!

The cake:

Baskin Robins (or 31 ice cream as it is called in Japan) ice cream cake featuring Lightning Mcqueen.

The presents:

Aiden was VERY spoilt... by all members of the family...

The Poingo interactive reading pen with Cars and Finding Nemo

A Cars inflatable chair

Lights and sounds Mater

The cutest `I love cars` tshirt that I had custom made from this store on Etsy

A cars wallet from this store on Etsy

Two new spring jackets from GAP

WOW what a lucky little boy!! 

Here are some pictures from our evening...

... in other news, I bought a 2 week trial of the SK-II skincare range and am excited to use it. I have already been using it for 3 days and my skin is suuuuper smooth! It is really expensive, but might just be the most wonderful thing ever. More updates to come xx


  1. What a lucky boy! I was just saying the other day that I'd never had an ice cream cake (I may or may not have been loitering at the 31 in our shopping centre where they give you samples if you loiter enough;p), it looks really good.
    I'll look out for updates on the skincare, I'm always looking for something that will keep the wrinkles at bay!


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