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Kids things we love 24m+

Thought it was about time to do another one of these posts (last one at 14 months!).

The things we use almost everyday are shown below. These are things that Aiden uses by himself or that I use with him. If available to buy online (in Japan), I have included a link.

The Ergo... yip still `wearing` him down for naps every day...

His 4-in-1 Radio Flyer tricycle. We recently removed the guards and just use the straps to hold him in place (pic doesn`t show the guards).

The Ipad mini. We have lots of toddler-appropriate games as well as the in-built camera which he loves.

Cars (Disney Pixar)
Cars 1 DVD
Cars 2 DVD

Mack Hauler - He loves loading up all his mini cars and driving them around. Great storage item too!

Cars panorama pit - although he has ripped off all the stickers, it is great fun racing the cars down the spiral ramp. He also learned to say the words `too big` after trying to squeeze big toys through the race gates!!


Old, New, Red, Blue! Level 1 reader
Race Team Lev…

Happy Golden week

This week is ゴールデンウィーク (Golden week) in Japan, one of the 3 annual holidays that all Japanese people take together (the others being shogatsu/New Years, and Obon in August). Prices and traffic increase, and space is limited wherever you go. Fun fun ;)

Anyway, Yoshi, Aiden and I are off to Okinawa!!

Famous for...



See you next week :)

31 Ice cream(s?)

Baskins Robbins (or 31 ice cream as it is known in Japan) held a promotion this month (runs until April 26th) called `Get all 31 flavors`. Basically, when you spend 400yen, you get a ticket with a unique code printed on it. Enter the code into your computer or phone and see if you have won.

There are 3,100 prizes of 31 free ice-creams up for grabs throughout Japan.

And I won!! We bought an ice-cream cake from Baskin Robbins for Aiden`s 2nd birthday and it was about 2,000yen, so we got 4 tickets. One of them was lucky!

I thought that a box of 31 ice-cream scoops might be delivered to the door, but today I got a cute package with 31 coupons for free (kids-sized) single scoops of ice cream.

It`s gonna be a yummy summer!

The great Japanese diaper review : THE END

So after 6 weeks of reviewing different diapers, we have come to an end. It was fun actually, and I am glad I did it.

There are probably some brands which I didn`t test, but that is because they are not available widely (like supermarket brands).

I want to write a little conclusion and give a price comparison so you can choose the best diapers for your child.

**note I chose to list the prices from Amazon Japan because the prices at drugstores etc. vary so much. You might find that diapers from your local drugstore or baby shop are cheaper, so please shop around. 

Amazon Japan also has a program called Amazon Family which lets you accumulate points from baby products and get coupons. You can also receive discounts on diapers, wipes etc. You can find the details here (Japanese only).

Below you will find : Diaper name, link to the Amazon Japan product page, the price per pack and per diaper, and a photo of the front of each diaper.

MERRIES -here (a pack of 56 diapers is 1499yen which is …


If you live far away from home, you know how hard it is to find your favorite products and/or products that work for you and your body type!

In Japan it has been hard for me to find deodorant, toothpaste, vitamins and supplements etc that suit me. Since having a baby it is also hard to find products with English explanations that I can trust.

I recently learned about iHerb which is an American online drugstore selling lots of famous brands of skin/healthcare products. They also stock lots of healthy and organic brands too.

I placed an order today and found that the shipping is really reasonably priced too.

I received a referral code, so if you order with them you can get $5 off your purchase too! Just enter `PAZ981` in the coupon box at the bottom of your shopping cart or click here.

Happy shopping!

*This is not a sponsored post. I paid for my order in full!

So kind :)

I know I sometimes complain about life here in Japan... well that`s because it is difficult sometimes, and people are rude sometimes, and the weather is bad sometimes, much like life in any country!

But today I had an experience that left a huge smile on my face.

As Aiden and I walked around the neighborhood getting some fresh air, a nice elderly gentleman greeted us and told us to wait as he had something for Aiden. I wondered what it could possibly be (as we don`t really know him, apart from the odd `hello` here and there), but he came out with this...

It is an origami (folded paper) model of a samurai helmet. It is about 10cm high and is in honor of Boy`s day (or Children`s day / こどもの日) which happens in May. 

Many homes have huge, and very expensive displays like this... (I found it here on Rakuten for over 200,000yen!!)
...but because we live with MIL we don`t have one yet (no space!!).

The one I received today is the perfect size and is so cute, so intricately made.

What a lovely gift!!…

Online shops that ship to Japan - kids version

I love shopping online and it is becoming increasingly easy to get things from your favorite stores back home as big companies now offer international shipping.

Here are some of our favorite kids clothing stores that ship to Japan...

- Gymboree

- Hanna Andersson

- Old Navy

- Next UK

- Carters

- House of Fraser UK

- Nordstrom

- Mothercare

The children`s place

- Marks and Spencer

- JCrew

- L.L.Bean


- Adams UK

- Zara (have a Japanese version here)

- Etsy(not all vendors advertise shipping to Japan, but you can send personal messages to the shop owners and request it. I have never been turned down!)

- Amazon global

Do you have any other favorites we can add to the list?

For my other post on places to buy baby clothes IN Osaka, please click here.

* the images came from Zulily
** information is correct as of today (April 20, 2013). It is very possible that stores will change their online shopping and shipping policies.

Yattai (food stall) paradise at Osaka mint

During our blossom viewing walk around Osaka mint, we found the most incredible range of yattai (food stalls). 

This would have to be one of my favorite things about festivals in Japan... delicious snacks and drinks at cheap prices... the atmosphere is awesome :)

 A view of the river through the trees. Such a nice location.

Aiden even found a `Koko` mask from one of his favorite TV shows Chuggington!

And he had lots of fun running around. Isn`t the slogan on his teeshirt perfect?? `There goes trouble`...

Nice afternoon out! AND, Aiden chose this day to start saying `daddy` properly. It is the cutest thing. He was saying `deeda` before, and this one is so much better. Adorable xx