The Nipponbashi Street Festa 2013

Aiden and I visited the Nipponbashi Street Festa with my friend K and her extended family today!! We were a bit late to catch the main parade, but managed to stumble across the cosplayers and their freaky cars.

Enjoy the pics...


 I`m sure this guy is probably just a `normal` salary-man from Monday to Friday. Ewwww :(

 There was a real person inside that weird costume!

And his / her car belonged to a group named `furry ear girls`

And the car had a tail!

 This guy and his girlfriend were posing with their dolls.

Is it worth noting that these are all guys??? 

After a while I couldn`t even tell what was funny, weird and what was just disturbing. I took pictures but tried not to think about it all too much!

I wonder what Aiden thought of it all?


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