Kid O Kid BAL Kobe

We went to Kid O Kid in Kobe last week. It is an indoor play area designed by the toy maker Bornelund and there are several throughout Japan.

The cost is 600yen for kids (from 6 months - 12 years old) for the first 30minutes, and then 100yen per 30minutes after that. Adult tickets are 300yen. You can also get an all-day-pass for 1500yen (1 adult and 1 child). 

It was fun, but a little frustrating at times. There are staff helping the kids play which is nice, but means that some of the parents tend to leave their kids alone and aren`t around to monitor them when trouble starts.

Anyway, it was fun for Aiden, and a good chance to get some great (and very colorful) pics.

Fun day out :)


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