First haircut

At the tender age of 23 months (and 1 week), we subjected Aiden to his very first haircut!

We had seen this super cute kids hair-salon in Takashimaya department store (in Namba) a few times and I thought it would be perfect for our car-crazy toddler.

The name of the salon is Zusso kids and they have salons all over Japan, with 2 in Osaka (one in Namba and one in Nishinomiya). After finding that the Namba one was fully booked all day on Thursday, we drove out to Nishinomiya.

Aiden was placed in the car of his choice and they asked us which DVD he would like to watch. They had a huge selection including Anpanman, Chuggington, Cars ... Guess which one we chose??

The stylist cut Aiden`s hair, then shampooed it, blow dried it, then cut it a little again. I had to hold back tears... I don`t know why really. But it was a real growing-up moment for sure.

All his curls are gone. But I am sure they will grow back soon enough! They gave us some of his cut hair in a cute little envelope and I am trying to think of something nice to do with it. Etsy has some adorable ideas like this!


  1. So adorable!! Traditionally in Japan they make a writing brush out of the hair- funnily, I just wrote a blurb about it a few days ago, check it out! It was an advert for a company that does the brushes, but I think they're quite cool!

    1. Thanks Vivian!! That is a nice idea too :)
      I had better hurry up and do something because having an envelope with hair in it does feel a little creepy!! Thanks for the link, I might use it in a post some day!!! You are a great writer :)

  2. I wish there were salons like that for grown-ups too!


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