23 months old

Happy 23 month birthday Aiden!

So we are just one month off the second birthday! I cannot believe it and am both dreading and looking forward to being the mother of a 2-year old. On one hand, the tantrums and stubbornness are hard, but I am looking forward to more words, sentences and the ability for Aiden to communicate his feelings!

Aiden has a few more words than last month, and he babbles consistently, both to us and to himself! He is not making real sentences, but he likes to talk!

He is fast, loves to run and is very active. My boss at the preschool continues to tell me that he is one of the most energetic almost-2-year-olds that she has met, and that his motor skills are definitely advanced! That makes me happy :)

He is very loving, and is happy to hug and kiss me and Yoshi (and his cars and his favorite soft-toy monkey) often.

He understands many things in both English and Japanese, and even understands that English is different from Japanese. He is aware of adult standards too, and sometimes wipes his toy`s faces or tries to feed them or brush their teeth! VERY cute :)

He can point out things that are missing (especially on cars) or broken and flawed. He says `uh-oh` and shows them to us.

Aiden also got some Valentine`s presents this month ♡ (Thanks K and M!)

It was a really busy month, but fun of course!


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