2 years on

I wondered whether to write anything today or not. It seems like there is nothing I can say that will do any good... so much and yet so little has changed since March 11th 2011.

I remember the moment the earthquake struck. I was on an escalator in Daimaru department store in Shinsaibashi, somewhere between the 8th and 9th floor. Being just over 9 months pregnant, I thought the shaking was due to dizziness, and tried to run/waddle to the bathroom. 

A few hours later I knew what had happened. How one moment in one day changed tens of thousands of lives for ever.

I still can`t watch the footage of the tsunami or the interviews of families affected without crying.

I will never forget...

Although a lot has been done to help the people of Tohoku, there is still so much that remains (a lot of people still living without homes, some still in the makeshift accommodation and gyms they were first evacuated into)... If you want to do something to help, there are things you could get involved in like this, this and this.



  1. My biggest fear is of being pregnant when an earthquake hits. I live in Kobe (in the hills) so a huge earthquake is unlikely to hit hard in that area, but it is still frightening.

    I know a woman who moved to Kobe from Fukushima two years ago when she was eight months pregnant. It must have been so stressful for her to have to change her entire livelihood and have a new baby at the same time. She told me she felt guilty to be in mourning during what should have been one of the happiest days of her life.

    So many people lost their histories and so many people lost their lives. It was tragic. It was terrible.

    Thanks for linking those volunteer sites to your post.



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