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Looking back and forward

With Aidens second birthday fast approaching I've been thinking about what kind of mother I have been and have become...

I wish I could go back to the moment I found out I was pregnant and give myself some advice and save myself a lot of stress and unnecessary worry.

- stop "googling". There will always be things that worry new mums; strange baby poop, odd baby rashes, babies who don't sleep, cry too much, don't take bottles, won't eat baby food, are late crawlers, walkers, talkers... And going on-line can help (if you end up in the 'right' places). But stumble upon the wrong blog or forum and it is easy to convince yourself that you are the worst, most incompetent mother that has ever lived.


- the same goes for Facebook and emails from well-meaning friends. Please believe me that just because one baby sleeps through the night at 4 weeks of age, and yours doesn't (even still at almost 2 years of age) that you are not a bad mother. Just becaus…

The great Japanese diaper review : Part three

Hi again,

This is the third part of the diaper review series that I started in early March. You can read part one here, and part two here.

The third type of diaper that I will review in this series are called Moony(large 9-14kg, pants type). They are also (like Mamy Poko diapers) made by Unicharm, and were launched in Japan in 1983.

Unicharm`s business operations website states the following reason for having two different brands ...

Unicharm offers two brands of baby disposable diapers: Moony and MamyPoko, depending on customer needs. Moony diapers are committed to quality: they are leak-proof, fresh-smelling, and gentle on the skin. They have functions suited to each developmental stage. MamyPoko diapers use popular Disney characters to create enjoyment and facilitate communication between mother and baby at diaper change time.
I have seen Moony commercials on TV and they are very cute. They star a popular Japanese actress (小雪 = Koyuki) too...

I bought a pack of 44 large diapers from the …

The Nipponbashi Street Festa 2013

Aiden and I visited the Nipponbashi Street Festa with my friend K and her extended family today!! We were a bit late to catch the main parade, but managed to stumble across the cosplayers and their freaky cars.

Enjoy the pics...


 I`m sure this guy is probably just a `normal` salary-man from Monday to Friday. Ewwww :(

 There was a real person inside that weird costume!
And his / her car belonged to a group named `furry ear girls`

And the car had a tail!

 This guy and his girlfriend were posing with their dolls.

Is it worth noting that these are all guys???
After a while I couldn`t even tell what was funny, weird and what was just disturbing. I took pictures but tried not to think about it all too much!
I wonder what Aiden thought of it all?

Spring is here...?

...I think!

I dont want to jinx it, because the weather has been very up and down lately, but it looks like spring has finally sprung.

The plum and peach blossoms at Osaka castle agree with me...

The blossoms are so pretty against the blue spring sky!! 

There was no annoying Chinese sand to cloud the air on Thursday, so we ventured outside and enjoyed wandering the castle grounds.

Aiden had fun driving his car on the old rock steps...

And we snacked on matcha ice-cream and mitarashi dango ... yum yum!

Here`s hoping the lovely weather continues!

The great Japanese diaper review : Part two

Hi again,

This is the second part of the diaper review series that I started in early March. You can read part one here.

The second type of diaper that I will review in this series are called Mamy Poko(large 9-14kg, pants type). They are made by Unicharm and were launched in Japan in 1983.

I have never seen a TV commercial for Mamy Poko, but the packaging is very eye-catching...

I bought a pack of 34 diapers from the drugstore for 780 yen (on special this week). They usually retail for 980yen (thats 29yen per diaper).

The diapers have Mickey Mouse patterns on the bum that I have photographed below. The front of the diaper is not marked but the back is clearly marked with tape which you can use to wrap up the diaper for disposal.

 Front and back
 Front and back
Front and back
- cute Mickey Mouse design
- popular brand (seems to be available everywhere)
- often on special in the supermarket and drugstore
- they do have lots of layers of elastic protection around the legs. For active babies this…

First haircut

At the tender age of 23 months (and 1 week), we subjected Aiden to his very first haircut!

We had seen this super cute kids hair-salon in Takashimaya department store (in Namba) a few times and I thought it would be perfect for our car-crazy toddler.

The name of the salon is Zusso kids and they have salons all over Japan, with 2 in Osaka (one in Namba and one in Nishinomiya). After finding that the Namba one was fully booked all day on Thursday, we drove out to Nishinomiya.

Aiden was placed in the car of his choice and they asked us which DVD he would like to watch. They had a huge selection including Anpanman, Chuggington, Cars ... Guess which one we chose??

The stylist cut Aiden`s hair, then shampooed it, blow dried it, then cut it a little again. I had to hold back tears... I don`t know why really. But it was a real growing-up moment for sure.

All his curls are gone. But I am sure they will grow back soon enough! They gave us some of his cut hair in a cute little envelope and I am tryin…