Where to buy baby clothes in Osaka

I have had a few emails asking about places to buy babies` clothing in Osaka, so I thought I would start compiling a list.


Akachan Hompo (store finder here - japanese only)
Toys R Us / Babies R Us (store finder here - in english!!)
Next (3F of Namba Parks)
Mamas and Papas (found in Aura - 5F of Namba Parks)
Zara (the Lalaport Koshien, Qs Mall, and the smaller store in Shinsaibashi are the only ones with kids clothes).
H&M (the Lalaport Koshien store is the only one with kids clothes).
Muji (store finder here - japanese only)
GAP (store finder here - japanese only)

Department stores

Daimaru Shinsaibashi 9F
Daimaru Umeda 10F
Hanshin Umeda 6F
Isetan Umeda 7F
Takashimaya Namba 6F
Hankyu Ings B1F and B2F

Online shops

Zara Japan (english)
Next Japan (english)
Akasugu (japanese only)
Lemoir (japanese only)
Akachan hompo (japanese only)
Rakuten (english)
Amazon (english)
Mamas and Papas (Rakuten store here
GAP Japan (japanese only)

Do you have any other favorite stores that we can add to the list?


  1. Maybe Motherways (http://www.motherways.com/) ?

    1. Thanks so much Toyotsu! I have added it to the list. I have seen the Motherways store in Honmachi, but never knew that they had an online store!


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