Sunny Sunday Setsubun!

It is the day of another Japanese festival today - this time it is Setsubun (aka. bean throwing day haha!). I have posted about the meaning of Setsubun before, so you can read about it there, or on wikipedia if you would like to. 

Basically it marks the beginning of spring (the name means seasonal division), as well as helping people to rid their homes of any evil spirits. We throw beans (mamemaki) to shoo away the devil and invite good fortune in. We also eat yummy rolled sushi (makizushi)!

Yoshi is at work, so Aiden and I went to the park where I tried out my new camera! Woohoo! It is a Nikon Coolpix P510 and I love it already. It costs around 30,000yen but I got it for half of that because I used my Yodobashi camera point card! (love those points!!)

Here are some pics I took at the park today...

What a happy little monkey in the sunshine!!


  1. Fancy camera!! You can tell the difference with the quality of photos! Aiden's face looks more grown up and I only saw him a little over a month ago!! I can't wait to see him and you soon!


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