Dear reader K

Hi all,
I receive lots of nice emails from my readers, and always do my best to reply. I got a lovely email today from a reader in Yokohama (let`s just call her K).

Anyway, for some strange technological reason, I couldn`t reply to her, so will copy my response below.

Thanks K for your sweet email!! I love hearing from people who read my blog, because I see the stats, but have no idea what kind of people they are, or where they are from...
I am glad you enjoy reading it anyway!! 

I have been to the US twice but only for a short time each trip. And each time I went to California because that`s where my hubby has contacts. Do you recommend anywhere in particular if I get back there again?

Good luck with your pregnancy (the end of it) and the birth of your baby!! So exciting!! I hope you blog about your adventures as a mum; blogging certainly helped me when I was feeling overwhelmed with everything, and continues to now as well. Being a mum is hard enough, but doing it in a foreign country... wow! I hope you have lots of support and friends where you live.

I don`t know if you know already, but there are lots of facebook groups that support mums and foreign women in Japan. I am also a member of a Japan garage-sale group on Facebook, where you can find lots of cheap (or free!!) baby clothes etc. Do you know of it?

Anyway, before I babble away too much, I`d better go and get dinner sorted.

Hope everything goes well for you in the coming days!!

From Fran.

oh ps... do you read the Origami-living blog ( Joey (the writer, and a mum with a small boy) is living in/near Yokohama too, so you are sure to find some useful stuff for you there.


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