Ame-sha magazine shoot in Nara

Yesterday we went with Yoshi (and his staff) deep into the mountains of Nara to a place called Takidani Flower Park (滝谷花しょうぶ園) because a well known American Car magazine in Japan was doing a photo shoot there.

It is supposedly a very famous park and I am sure that in the warmer months it is very beautiful. But in the middle of winter, the ponds were frozen over and the trees were bare...

Anyone with an American car was welcome to go and park and look around and have their car`s photo taken. It was a good chance for Yoshi to see other cars, and advertise his company too.

It was freezing cold and we passed lots of snow covered fields, houses and trees on the way to get there.

It was fun to spend time with Yoshi on a Sunday (very rare as he usually works on weekends) and to get out and about. We even enjoyed a yummy lunch of noodles, rice and zenzai (hot red beans and mochi).

Here are some more pics from the day...

Lots of fun for Aiden too... plenty of his favorite cars!!


  1. The Takidani Flower Park looks beautiful and it looks like there is a lot of interesting cars. Yoshi is adorable!


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