A review of wesendtoyou.com

Although I usually shop online at a few select stores that ship internationally (to Japan), I sometimes see other things that I want to buy.

Last week I fell in love with a pair of pants online at 6pm.com but found they only ship domestically within the US.

I decided it might be time to find a mail forwarding service and I came across wesendtoyou.com through a link on one of the gaijinpot.com forums.

After registering my details on their website I sent them an email asking if they could ship the jeans from the US to Japan. Shipping from the US to Japan (and Korea) is their specialty, and apart from some restricted items (a list of which is available on their website) they will forward both small and large parcels.

So I went back to 6pm.com and ordered the pants. Instead of my own shipping address I entered their address (in California). I did have a twinge of concern... I mean if the company wasn't legit, they would end up with a pair of jeans at my expense right???

Anyway I soon stopped thinking about that as I found some cute Harajuki Mini clothes at Target.com for Aiden (on sale woohoo!!) and had them shipped to wesendtoyou.com too.

After placing the orders online, I forwarded the order confirmation emails to wesendtoyou.com so that they could track and trace the parcels.

Once both parcels arrived in California, they wrapped them up together and forwarded them on to me!

The total cost to use their service is $15.00 plus a shipping cost (depending on the weight of the items shipped). They sent me an invoice for shipping etc on the day they shipped my parcel and I paid it using PayPal. The total time taken (from me ordering the clothes, to them being delivered to my door) was 13 days, or 9 business days (not that much longer than doing it all myself).

I was pleased with their good service (although the spelling in some of their emails was atrocious!!) and would use it again... Unless I found something cheaper.

Which companies have you used to forward parcels from the US?

*This was not a sponsored post, and all opinions are entirely my own.


  1. I have used http://www.shipito.com/ on several occasions and really liked the price and service. They offer discounted shipping as well. I use to pay the monthly service but I stopped ordering so much, so I just paid the basic fee ($8.50 a package). I toyed with the idea of ordering magazines and having them ship it to me, since the forwarding for mail/magazines is super cheap. I also like their calculator so you can see how much shipping will be ahead of time!

    Next time you order, especially from Target, let me know! We can order together and save on shipping!

  2. Never used anything more adventurous than Amazon to shop - not a good online shopper am I? Anyway I am learning to become one with your help ;) Xx

  3. WOw, thanks for this. I'll try it. o.o/*


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