22 months old

Happy 22 month birthday Aiden!

`Juu, juu ochita!` `Juice, the juice fell`
It was (as far as I can decipher) his first 2 word sentence!!

To be honest I am a little concerned about his speech development... The internet (I know, worst place ever for a worrying mum) suggests that he should already have upwards of 20 words... But he doesn't (currently has 10-12 in English and Japanese).

I have heard from friends that 2 years old seems to be a turning point. And if he hasn't started making more words and sentences by then, we can start to worry more.

I have ALSO heard that boys in general speak later, and kids in a bilingual environment speak later too (yes I know there are exceptions and quite a few bilingual boys speak a lot at 12 or 18 months).

Aiden is often around people, he loves music, books and movies, he babbles to himself non-stop and he has a few words in English and in Japanese.... So, I will ease off the worry for a couple of months and see what happens naturally.

 In other 22 month news?

He loves hugging and kissing (cutest toddler trait ever) and sometimes does them both without prompting. Definitely brightens up my whole day!

Something that puts a dampener on my day? The night waking. Averaging 2-4 wake-ups a night is way more than I hoped at this stage. The only good point is that he does fall back asleep pretty quickly.

He walks, runs, jumps, chases, climbs, pulls, pushes, reaches, leaps, rolls and much more. He is a VERY active boy. His favorite things are the same. Cars, trains, strawberries and noodles!

Highlights of the month? Mamemaki (bean throwing) and ichigo gari (strawberry picking). I will post about these soon.


  1. Plase don't worry about his speaking habits..
    I started speaking with 3 years, and nobody was able to understand what I was saying (except my mama, so somebody had to tell her that my developing was not ok).
    My mothertongue is German, and my abilities of German in my brain was really bad. I had to learn German..not like having a few speech defects..
    Now, grown up, my language abilities are really fine. :)
    I also learn languages very quickly.
    Please don't worry to much, I know you are a mother, but even if he would develope some speeck defects or something else, what is not even sure, it's nothing to worry, because that is not a big problem today. :D I just wanted to say :)


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