What I wore

It is sometimes hard to get nice clothes that fit western bodies here in Japan, so I thought I would share some of my online shopping secrets. Don`t worry though... there is no chance that this will become a `fashion` blog (don`t have nearly enough clothes, or take enough pics of myself for that haha)!!

One of my favorite outfits recently is the one I`m wearing in the pic below.

I do believe that you can still get both the pants and cardigan. They were purchased online and shipped to Japan (not cheaply mind you).

Happy shopping!!

pants... free people (I also have them in turquoise - so comfy and bum-flattering too)

cardigan... urban outfitters

boots - Alberto Fermani 2 buckle knee boots (I bought them from Yoox.com but they are no longer available there).

*this post was not sponsored!!


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