USJ Christmas

On December 13th Yoshi, Aiden and I went to USJ (Universal Studios Japan) for a bit of festive fun. USJ is home to one of the world`s largest illuminated Christmas trees during December, and it did not disappoint!! It was huge and bright, and beautiful, and the colors changed too.

I took pics but the quality is not great, sorry!

To further the pre-Christmas fun, we made some Christmas hand shaped ornaments  (using Aiden`s hand) for family using salt dough. I was able to buy the boxes, paint and ribbon from the 100yen shop, so it was a relatively cheap project, but more difficult that I thought! Ha! I`m not very creative it seems!

I typed a little poem and stuck it inside the box. It reads...

This is to remind you when I have grown so tall, 
that once I was quite little and my hands were very small.


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