On December 8th last year, Yoshi, Aiden and I took a little road trip! Yoshi took a Sunday off work (perhaps the only one in 2012) for the purpose of researching a race circuit in Okayama. He and his brother were customising a small car for racing on that circuit, and he wanted to be prepared.

We drove to Okayama (about 3 hours from Osaka) and watched a bit of the racing. Tiny cars going at very fast speeds! It was exciting (not so much for me as it was for Yoshi and Aiden, who saw plenty of his favorite `caas`) and we watched for about an hour and a half.

When we left, we saw on the GPS that the road home was very congested, and decided to take an alternative route, through Kurashiki.

I had never been before but had seen photos of the adorable little town!

It was really nice just wandering around and seeing some of the old buildings!

This cute little cafe played french music and served happy pudding「しあわせのプリン」! They say if you eat it (and photograph it with your cell-phone), it will bring great happiness!

Highly recommended if you are ever in the area!!

While we were wandering around, a photographer approached us and asked if he could take our picture. He was doing some recruiting for a denim campaign/competition and since we were wearing denim, he entered our photo in the contest. We didn`t win, but it was such a nice photo (and a rare one of the 3 of us) that we used it on our New Year card!!


  1. happy new year to all of you~

    wow.. Aiden has grown so much! A little cute and handsome boy you have there :)

    I went to Kurashiki in summer and just loved it there. Especially at evening when there are less tourists and this nice atmosphere..
    Did you go to the "Neko shop"? It is a paradise for kids with all the cute cat stuff there!


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