Since Christmas has been and gone, I won`t ramble on about it, except to say that it was a bit of a non-event here in Japan.

Luckily we were able to have a second Christmas in the UK when we visited my dad and sister there over the New Year.

Now Aiden is 20 months old, here are some of the presents he was given and LOVED!

The Disney Cars Mack transporter (it holds all the mini cars!) Aiden loves putting things inside other things, so this was a great gift! It moves of course, and is quite big, so he likes pushing it around the floor...

A Disney Cars kids suitcase.

Some DVDs including the Wiggles, Playschool and Dr Seuss.

Some books.

And from me? I bought Yoshi and Aiden a joint present of an iPad mini!!! It is awesome and just the perfect size for traveling! I uploaded lots of games for them both to enjoy and it has already had a LOT of use!!

Aiden`s favorite apps are...

The Fisher Price series of free apps

The Cars 2 world grand prix storybook app.

Kids car, truck puzzles (by pixel envision)

Sort it out 1 (by

Animated toddler puzzles (by Fridgecat software)

Wheels on the bus (by duck duck moose)

Doodle buddy (by Pinger Inc.)

Twinkle twinkle (by super simple learning)

Belated merry Christmas to you all!!

* This post, and none of my posts are sponsored.  All products were purchased by me (or my friends and family) and all opinions are my own.


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