Aiden and Noro

The Noro virus (ノロウィルス) that is...

This week started terribly, with Aiden vomiting all down the front of me the moment we arrived at work on Monday morning. It was a little worrying because he has never really thrown up :(

A few hours (and several changes of clothes) later, he had vomited 3 times and soaked through a diaper or two with explosive diarrhea.

My boss told me to go home and as soon as I left work I called Yoshi and asked him to drive us to the doctors. The doctor asked if I had brought a sample of his `stool`which I hadn`t, so they had to give him an enema to collect a sample! Poor baby :( 

The test for the Noro virus usually involves testing human stool, because it provides the most accurate results. So, a few minutes later, we were told that Aiden indeed had the virus and were told to wait in the waiting room while they prepared the IV fluid to give him.

The nurse came and took him from us (big mistake), and he screamed the place down. We heard his cries continue as they held him and inserted the needle for the drip. He must have been so scared, and very unhappy, so they came and got Yoshi and I and asked us to restrain him for the duration of the drip. It took about 45 minutes, and after struggling, kicking and screaming for the first 25 or so, Aiden fell asleep and the fluid quickly entered his system.

We were given some biofermin (ビオフェルミン) powdered medicine to calm his stomach and sent home.

He didn`t eat anything all week (which means something is very wrong - he ate the whole time he had a 40degree fever last year) until finally yesterday he managed a few bites of white rice and some fish for dinner.

During the week, the only thing he would take was the baby Pocari drink made by Otsuka. It is created to maintain the water balance in dehydrated kids (and is safe for babies aged 3 months and older). It also contains vital electrolytes which are lost through sweat and urine.

Thank goodness he seems much better today! Yay!


  1. Poor little guy. Glad he's on the mend. I had my first drip at the end of last year for a stomach bug (just a regular bug, thank goodness). It wasn't much fun, especially as I'd misunderstood and thought they were just taking a blood sample! I can't imagine what it must have been like for you to have to keep him clam the whole time.

  2. Poor Aiden!! I am sad he had to go through that! Silly nurses should really know better than to take away a sick baby from their parents!

    I'm glad he's on the mend and I can't wait for our next play date!! Let's set one up asap!


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