20 and 21 months old

Since I missed the last month birthday update, I`ll be celebrating two months worth this time! 

Happy 20 and 21 months old Aiden!!
See this blurry picture? 
This is how 99% of all pics of Aiden look these days. 
He just never sits still!

What he is saying now?

Juu = juice
Choo choo = train
Mama = mummy
Dida = daddy
Chree = tree
Dekita = I did it! (japanese)

What he is eating now?

Favorites are still the same, japanese mikan (mandarin oranges) and noodles (especially udon).

What is he watching now?

Still LOVES the Cars (1 and 2) movies. But is also starting to be interested in other shows like PlaySchool and CBeebies which feature real people singing and talking, as well as animated stories.

He is definitely a mama`s boy at the moment and prefers to be with me above everyone else (a little tiring at times). During our New Years holiday in England, he hardly wanted to walk and prefered to be carried around by me... a bit tough on the back!

Sleep was getting much better until our trip too. Aiden suffered jet lag terribly and his sleep has taken a turn for the worse, with long periods of being awake during the middle of the night.

He is napping once a day for about 1 or 1 1/2 hours.

And some pictures from the last 2 months...

 First encounter with (a very grumpy) Santa at Ikea here in Osaka. 
Didn`t go well!

 First pony ride! Went much better than expected, 
considering he wont even sit in the stroller these days!

He has started sticking out his tongue when he concentrates on something. This is a trait from my mum`s side of the family. Too cute!


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