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What I wore

It is sometimes hard to get nice clothes that fit western bodies here in Japan, so I thought I would share some of my online shopping secrets. Don`t worry though... there is no chance that this will become a `fashion` blog (don`t have nearly enough clothes, or take enough pics of myself for that haha)!!

One of my favorite outfits recently is the one I`m wearing in the pic below.

I do believe that you can still get both the pants and cardigan. They were purchased online and shipped to Japan (not cheaply mind you).

Happy shopping!!

pants... free people (I also have them in turquoise - so comfy and bum-flattering too)

cardigan... urban outfitters

boots - Alberto Fermani 2 buckle knee boots (I bought them from but they are no longer available there).

*this post was not sponsored!!

How did you decide?

How is it that people decide to have their second child? No no no don`t get excited... no more babies here (and no plans for more babies either).

I`m just wondering because I never feel like I have my s**t well enough together to even consider bringing another noisy, tantrum throwing (but lovely of course) life into this world!

I even googled that very question in the hopes of finding answers, but all I was met with are confused mothers who feel the same way that I do. Most of whom thought that motherhood would be much different (and in many cases much easier) than it is.

I was looking back at early photos of Aiden this afternoon. 

Amazing cuteness like this...

and this...

and this...

and this...

and this...

oh you want more? ok, here`s just one more...

Of course I miss those cute chubby newborn days. But knowing what happens after that... I am completely and utterly nowhere near even considering having another baby!

If you have more than one child; what happened to make you think that you could…

Our week in the UK

First of all, thanks everyone who worried about Aiden and the Noro virus. He seems to be in the all-clear now, despite a lack of sleep and a bit of a runny nose. He is eating normally again and seems full of energy!

We had a nice holiday over the New Year in the UK! Both my father and sister live there now, so we thought it would be a good chance to get out of Japan, see some family, and go somewhere kind of new (I haven`t been to the UK since I was 4-5 years old, and Yoshi went when he was 17).

We flew into Heathrow airport (London) at around 5:00pm on the 27th of December and spent the first night at the Sheraton Heathrow hotel (a 12 pound taxi ride from the terminal).

We also had a nice pub dinner with Eve (my sis) and enjoyed some UK food; bangers and mash!! (sausages and mashed potato, veges and gravy).

The next morning my dad came to pick us up and drove us back to his home in Sherborne (about 2 hours drive from Heathrow). Sherborne is an amazing little town where all the buildings …

Aiden and Noro

The Noro virus (ノロウィルス) that is...

This week started terribly, with Aiden vomiting all down the front of me the moment we arrived at work on Monday morning. It was a little worrying because he has never really thrown up :(

A few hours (and several changes of clothes) later, he had vomited 3 times and soaked through a diaper or two with explosive diarrhea.

My boss told me to go home and as soon as I left work I called Yoshi and asked him to drive us to the doctors. The doctor asked if I had brought a sample of his `stool`which I hadn`t, so they had to give him an enema to collect a sample! Poor baby :( 

The test for the Noro virus usually involves testing human stool, because it provides the most accurate results. So, a few minutes later, we were told that Aiden indeed had the virus and were told to wait in the waiting room while they prepared the IV fluid to give him.

The nurse came and took him from us (big mistake), and he screamed the place down. We heard his cries continue as they held…

20 and 21 months old

Since I missed the last month birthday update, I`ll be celebrating two months worth this time! 

Happy 20 and 21 months old Aiden!! See this blurry picture?  This is how 99% of all pics of Aiden look these days.  He just never sits still!
What he is saying now?

Juu = juice
Choo choo = train
Mama = mummy
Dida = daddy
Chree = tree
Dekita = I did it! (japanese)

What he is eating now?

Favorites are still the same, japanese mikan (mandarin oranges) and noodles (especially udon).

What is he watching now?

Still LOVES the Cars (1 and 2) movies. But is also starting to be interested in other shows like PlaySchool and CBeebies which feature real people singing and talking, as well as animated stories.

He is definitely a mama`s boy at the moment and prefers to be with me above everyone else (a little tiring at times). During our New Years holiday in England, he hardly wanted to walk and prefered to be carried around by me... a bit tough on the back!

Sleep was getting much better until our trip too. Aiden suff…


Since Christmas has been and gone, I won`t ramble on about it, except to say that it was a bit of a non-event here in Japan.

Luckily we were able to have a second Christmas in the UK when we visited my dad and sister there over the New Year.

Now Aiden is 20 months old, here are some of the presents he was given and LOVED!

The Disney Cars Mack transporter (it holds all the mini cars!) Aiden loves putting things inside other things, so this was a great gift! It moves of course, and is quite big, so he likes pushing it around the floor...

A Disney Cars kids suitcase.

Some DVDs including the Wiggles, Playschool and Dr Seuss.
Some books.
And from me? I bought Yoshi and Aiden a joint present of an iPad mini!!! It is awesome and just the perfect size for traveling! I uploaded lots of games for them both to enjoy and it has already had a LOT of use!!

Aiden`s favorite apps are...
The Fisher Price series of free apps
The Cars 2 world grand prix storybook app.
Kids car, truck puzzles (by pixel envision)

USJ Christmas

On December 13th Yoshi, Aiden and I went to USJ (Universal Studios Japan) for a bit of festive fun. USJ is home to one of the world`s largest illuminated Christmas trees during December, and it did not disappoint!! It was huge and bright, and beautiful, and the colors changed too.

I took pics but the quality is not great, sorry!

To further the pre-Christmas fun, we made some Christmas hand shaped ornaments  (using Aiden`s hand) for family using salt dough. I was able to buy the boxes, paint and ribbon from the 100yen shop, so it was a relatively cheap project, but more difficult that I thought! Ha! I`m not very creative it seems!

I typed a little poem and stuck it inside the box. It reads...

This is to remind you when I have grown so tall, 
that once I was quite little and my hands were very small.


On December 8th last year, Yoshi, Aiden and I took a little road trip! Yoshi took a Sunday off work (perhaps the only one in 2012) for the purpose of researching a race circuit in Okayama. He and his brother were customising a small car for racing on that circuit, and he wanted to be prepared.

We drove to Okayama (about 3 hours from Osaka) and watched a bit of the racing. Tiny cars going at very fast speeds! It was exciting (not so much for me as it was for Yoshi and Aiden, who saw plenty of his favorite `caas`) and we watched for about an hour and a half.

When we left, we saw on the GPS that the road home was very congested, and decided to take an alternative route, through Kurashiki.

I had never been before but had seen photos of the adorable little town!

It was really nice just wandering around and seeing some of the old buildings!

This cute little cafe played french music and served happy pudding「しあわせのプリン」! They say if you eat it (and photograph it with your cell-phone), it wil…