Opening a bank account with Japan Post

There are some reasons why having a Japan Post Bank (limited English language page here) account might be more convenient than an account with one of the bigger banks. The main reason I decided to open one is that it is free (or very cheap) to transfer money from one japanese account to another. Other reasons to get a JP Bank account include (accessibility; every town has a post office!, no international fees, and no withdrawal limit)

I recently joined a garage sale group on Facebook, where people living in Japan can buy/sell used clothing etc. It is a really great group, but sending small amounts of money through big banks can be costly, so I decided to open a JP Bank account.

My local post office has a counter for JP Bank activity. Your local post office might too, if you see this sign somewhere!

To open a bank account with JP Bank, you will need to bring with you...

- 2 forms of ID (alien registration card, passport, public health insurance card...)
- the money you want to deposit
- your address (in Japanese) and phone number
- your name stamp (hanko)

You will be given a form to fill out that looks like this...

If you cannot read japanese, a very helpful guide (with translations) to filling out the form can be found here.

You will be given your bankbook (passbook) as soon as the paperwork has been filed, and your cash card should arrive in a week or so.

Good luck!


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