19 months old

Happy 19 month birthday Aiden!

This month has flown by - so much that I completely forgot Aiden`s actual 19 month birthday (on the 8th of November!)

It has been a difficult month as Aiden`s strong stubborn side is showing through and we have had some mega-tantrums... in some very public places.

The most difficult thing is that his mind seems to change daily (if not hourly). He will happily ride on the back of my bicycle in the morning, but in the afternoon screams for 30 minutes if I even try to put him on.

He has really enjoyed the park this month as temperatures have dropped and he can run around more without getting too hot. He loves the slides at the park, so we got a small slide for inside the house too. He loves sliding down (and sliding his toy cars and soft toys down too!)

He is getting stronger too (which makes it hard to contain his kicking and punching during a tantrum), so he can swing from the bars at the park by himself!

He has shown more attachment to his toys (cars particularly) and brings them into the bath and into bed.

We have done some craft projects together, and collected dry leaves to make an autumn collage. He doesn`t like getting his hands dirty though, so I had to do most of the glue-ing!

We went to Kyoto this month, on one of Yoshi`s days off which was really nice. Aiden thought the temples were great, and pointed at their interesting roofs and noisy bells!

He says his favorite word `car` at least 100 times a day, and is slowly starting to use other words too. He can say `dekita` (japanese for I did it), `ochita` (japanese for it fell down), `juu` for juice and understands many more things than last month. He also raises his hand when we call his full name. So cute :)


  1. Happy 19th month birthday Aiden!! I can't believe how fast he has grown! He looks like a proper little man! I can't wait to see him again. I will message about that!


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