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Happy MO-vember!!
I am feeling very unmotivated when it comes to blogging these days. The only pics I take are of Aiden, and with the colder weather and work, we don`t manage to get out and about very much. So not much to share with you all :(

So, am planning to take a wee break from blogging until the New Year.

Hope to see you all when I`m back!!

Opening a bank account with Japan Post

There are some reasons why having a Japan Post Bank (limited English language page here) account might be more convenient than an account with one of the bigger banks. The main reason I decided to open one is that it is free (or very cheap) to transfer money from one japanese account to another. Other reasons to get a JP Bank account include (accessibility; every town has a post office!, no international fees, and no withdrawal limit)

I recently joined a garage sale group on Facebook, where people living in Japan can buy/sell used clothing etc. It is a really great group, but sending small amounts of money through big banks can be costly, so I decided to open a JP Bank account.

My local post office has a counter for JP Bank activity. Your local post office might too, if you see this sign somewhere!

To open a bank account with JP Bank, you will need to bring with you...

- 2 forms of ID (alien registration card, passport, public health insurance card...)
- the money you want to deposit
- your…

Kanji on your air conditioner

If your home is anything like ours, and little hands and fingers are pushing buttons on the remote controls throughout the day, it can be confusing as to which settings you applied.

Here are some useful kanji that might appear on your air conditioner or Dehumidifier... very handy in this rapidly cooling weather...

KANJIPRONUNCIATIONMEANINGdanbouheatingreiboucoolingjidouautomaticjoshitsude-humidifyuntenin operationteishistop/cancelkirikaechange/switchshitsuonroom temperaturefuusokuspeed of air flowfuukoudirection of air flowhairuonkiruoffyoyakuset the timertorikeshicancelThe 2 last are often found near the  (timer).

19 months old

Happy 19 month birthday Aiden!
This month has flown by - so much that I completely forgot Aiden`s actual 19 month birthday (on the 8th of November!)

It has been a difficult month as Aiden`s strong stubborn side is showing through and we have had some mega-tantrums... in some very public places.

The most difficult thing is that his mind seems to change daily (if not hourly). He will happily ride on the back of my bicycle in the morning, but in the afternoon screams for 30 minutes if I even try to put him on.

He has really enjoyed the park this month as temperatures have dropped and he can run around more without getting too hot. He loves the slides at the park, so we got a small slide for inside the house too. He loves sliding down (and sliding his toy cars and soft toys down too!)

He is getting stronger too (which makes it hard to contain his kicking and punching during a tantrum), so he can swing from the bars at the park by himself!

He has shown more attachment to his toys (cars particula…

Mummy and me pjs.

I just adore the cute little pjs (pajamas) that Aiden has for winter. We got them from baby Gap and they are adorable.

I found mummy-sized versions at Victoria`s Secret!

Attachment to toys

When did you kids start getting attached to their toys (or other inanimate objects), and how long did it last? 

I`ve always wondered when Aiden would start doing it, and thought it might never happen... but suddenly this month, along with learning the word `car` he has been carrying around his toy cars everywhere. They sit on the table when he eats (and sometimes drive around on his plate - grrrrr!), are clutched in his hand when he goes for walks with me and when he falls asleep. They even come into the bath!

I think it`s cute!

Happy birthday Kitty :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of Japan`s most beloved characters...

Kitty Chan (aka Hello Kitty, aka Kitty White) was born on November 1st 1974 (in London England apparently!), making her 38 years old.