Lucky me!

I love entering contests... no matter how big or small, I love the chance to win cute things and have them sent to me. It`s like Christmas!

When I lived at home in NZ, I actually won things quite often. Living in a country with only 4 million other people, I guess the odds were in my favor. In Japan I have only won a few things, but each time I do, I feel so special.

I entered a contest on Origami Living`s blog 2 weeks ago, and I won! The contest has closed, but you can find out more about Naoshi in the contest post.

She is an artist based in Yokohama who has become famous for her work with sand (calle Sunae here in Japan). If you want, you can find her facebook page here, and Etsy page here

Check out the cute prize I got, courtesy of Naoshi. Awesome Japanese talent :)

 (letter set)
(sand craft kit)

Thanks Joey and Naoshi!


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