18 months old

Happy 18 month birthday Aiden!

I cant believe that little Aiden is now 18 months old! That`s one AND A HALF years old!! Time has flown by and he is just becoming more and more full of his own special personality. So much fun to have him in my life.

Here are some of the big developments this month...

Climbing - on, up and down everything he can find. He seems to lack fear (like most toddlers probably) and just launches into everything he can. I am left trembling very close nearby as he walks up steep, narrow slopes and balances on beams!

Memory - he remembers so much (much more than I thought he could) and sometimes puts me in my place as he `gets ready` for outings, points to keys and motions towards the locked door. He sometimes even remembers where we park the car!

Mimicking - he is getting much better at copying our movements and sounds and can even mimic characters on tv. This is one of the cutest things!

Seperation anxiety - he still cries when men (all except Yoshi and the male teacher at work) try to pick him up. When he is tired, noone but mummy will do.

Impatience - he wants juice, and he wants it NOW!

Stroller (and car-seat and high-chair) struggles - he wants to be on the move, and he wants to do what the adults are doing. This means no straps, and no special chairs thank you very much!

Perpetual motion - He just never stops! And this means a myriad of scrapes, bumps and bruises... but I am getting much more used to keeping one eye on him at all times. I can multi-task better than ever before and be prepared to catch a stumbling child while carrying on a conversation or drinking a coffee!

Another incredible journey of a month! 

Love you darling Aiden xx 


  1. Can't believe how fast they grow and I am severely in love with his necklace. Are those amber teething beads? What a handsome little boy Aiden is!

    1. Thank you, you are so sweet!! Yeah they are teething beads, bought from Etsy of course, and he's been wearing them 24/7 for most of his life. So impressed with the quality of the necklace!! Don't know if they help with teething but am sure they help with skin rashes because he hasn't had one since we put it on :)


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