I was recommended this site by a friend who has kids and loves buying them cute and trendy clothes (but hates spending hundreds of dollars on things that will only be worn for a few months).

Basically they have daily (or 2-daily) deals on clothes from global brands and specialise in infant, toddler and kids clothing (as well as toys, accessories and some maternity wear too).

They will send you an email every morning letting you know which brands will be on sale that day.

They ship to Japan using DHL express (which can be a bit pricey, depending on how much you buy).

Click here to sign up.

Here are some of the cute things they had on sale (from the brand La Zoo) today...

Each one was less than 2,000yen!

Happy shopping.

*This is not a sponsored post (but if friends sign up to the service and buy things, you can earn store credit). Just spreading the shopping love!!


  1. Oh my gosh that ape hoodie is divine! Those boots need some puddles to splash in... what is it with you and the boots. Are you doing some rain dances i don't know about? Still haven't bought a raincoat or rainboots and it's been 3 years in Japan now! Must get on it for next season...


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