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I have been looking for the perfect winter boot since my old favorites met a terrible death about 3 years ago (something about a bicycle, too much speed, broken brakes and the heel stuck in my pedal...).

I have been searching the web, fashion blogs and even Pinterest in the hopes of finding something I love. And then I did! The most gorgeous knee-high brown boots with flat soles, buttons and buckles in the most delicious soft leather. And then I found out they were part of last season`s collection and there were none to be found... not even on Ebay (yes I checked).

During my search I stumbled across a website named Yoox. They have a Japanese version (here) too which converts all costs into yen and ships things easily using Japanese addresses. Yoox specialises in brand clothing and shoes, mostly from Italy and other European countries. I was surprised at their low prices (compared to other sites), and wondered if they were selling fakes.

After reading enough good reviews of their products and services, my worries were laid to rest, and I found a pair of chocolate brown boots that I liked a lot (Alberto Fermani 2 buckle knee boots). The Japanese site also lists sizes in centimetres which is good too. European sizing can be a little confusing.

They arrived this morning!! Less than half the price of those sold on the maker`s website, but in the original box, with all the tags and receipts (even the puffy plastic balloons inside the boots to keep their shape are made by the designer) and fast shipping. Color me impressed (and Aiden too - he loved the box!!).


After opening the box properly and unpacking the boots I found that one of the zippers was broken (well the teeth were not aligned properly and the zip wouldn`t go down all the way). Also a piece of leather glued to the `pull` on the zip was stuck on crooked. 

I emailed the customer support people at Yoox and received an email the next day. 

They told me that if I wanted to have the boots repaired, they would cover costs (up to 20% of the total cost of the boots). I was a little annoyed as I had asked about the return/exchange policy and they didn`t mention that at all.

Anyway, I thought that having a new zipper put into the boot would be much more expensive than 20% of the cost of the boots, and chose to return the boots (it didnt cost me anything to have them shipped back).

I ordered a new pair of boots and they arrived today. This time, after checking the boots thoroughly I am completely satisfied!! YAY! Roll on Autumn and Winter!!

The refund of my original purchase is also complete.

* This was not a sponsored post... but I would do one!! Especially if it meant cheap shoes :)


  1. Those sound like a steal! I bought a pair of Tory Burch ballet flats for a good price and also spent a while checking if they were fakes. Hard to trust discount prices hey! Can't wait to see you modeling those!

    1. It is so hard to believe that in one store they were more than 600dollars and I got them for around 200! Someone is getting a big profit!! OOOOH, love those Tory Burch flats too. Actually I was tossing up between these boots and a pair of Tory. The color of these ones was the decider :)

    2. I always love this style of boot with the flat soles. I bought a pair of thigh-high (gasp!) flat boots on sale in SA last december that I am yet to wear. Must do it. This winter I will try them out again. lol


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