New to me

This week I found some cool things online that are, well, new to me!

Since I am feeling generous, I thought I would share them with you...

Take a picture of your living room, or of your child while he/she is sleeping and after uploading it, add Santa, the Tooth Fairy or the Easter bunny! This one is $9.95 but this iPhone app is free! Too cute :)

Stop making grammar mistakes that make you look dumb!! My pet peeve is these kinds of mistakes (especially on FB)... how hard is it really people??

A great selection of toddler food. Yummy!

Did you know you can buy flashcards (or their PDF versions) on Etsy? What a great idea! There are some really cute designs here and here and here.

This range of kids clothing is adorable. A little expensive... can I justify it??

This lot is super cute too (and organic)! Oh I really have to stop looking at kids` clothing online!! Dangerous ;)

Are you a loyal Skype user? Me too, but recently I started using Hangout (by Google Plus). You can add all kinds of effects and the video/sound quality is really good.

For those of you in Japan, this great service is new to me! Japan Healthcare Info helps English-speakers find healthcare services in English. They will communicate with you by email or phone, and their website also lists lots of great information about health in Japan.

*These are all things I found randomly by myself. This is not a sponsored post.


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