DIY ABC Magnet Board

I found this gorgeous idea on Pinterest a week or so ago and decided that I absolutely had to make one for Aiden.

Easier said than done!

Buying an oil drip pan is much harder than it is in the US apparently. Lots of commenters (on the original blog post) said that they bought theirs from Walmart...

I finally found a reasonably priced magnet board at Ikea and bought some magnets from Toys R Us. So my board turned out a lot smaller than the original, but in a Japanese home, space is not a luxury we all have!

I printed out some letters and stuck them to coloured paper, then the magnet board. Aiden obviously doesn`t understand the concept yet, but I am hoping it will introduce him to letters. The magnet set also contained lower case letters, and numbers too, so I will change up the board when Aiden`s level increases.

I am planning to attach the board to a wall at some point! Probably when Yoshi has a day off...


  1. Love the DIY! When I get a moment I want to do something magnetic too. Always liked the idea of large magnetic/chalk board walls for kids to learn and create! Aiden's going to have a blast!


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