Another week

What`s new with you all? I want to say that I`ve been very busy, but can`t think of anything that I have done! Ha!

Last Wednesday Aiden and I met up with my good friend K and her baby girl in Namba. We went to a yummy cafe in Takashimaya and treated ourselves to the lunch set (complete with chilled soup and cake!). It was so nice to see them and amazing how much little K has grown! Gorgeous!

Yesterday Aiden and I spent the day with Yoshi`s brother`s family (they are also our neighbors). They have a 7yo and 5yo son, and a 1yo daughter. We all went to Ario, a nearby shopping mall, and Nitori (a cheap home-center type place) and enjoyed watching all the kids playing together.

Apart from that, I have really only been leaving the house to go to work (which I have been doing a lot recently, because it has been summer holidays here, and lots of my regular students have been taking extra classes, and bringing their siblings along too!)

I haven`t even been taking many pictures, but here are some from the last week or so.

jumping around on the bed!

a HOT day!

And what have I bought recently?

* a picture dictionary with words in English and Japanese

* a keepsake birth year block with Aiden`s name and birthday printed on it (from Etsy). He was born in 2011 - the year of the rabbit.

Well I guess I haven`t done NOTHING!

Fran xx


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