17 months old

HAPPY 17 month birthday Aiden!

Ok, wow. Another month has passed and my little munchkin is now 17 months old. Almost a year and a half old!

What is new? Nothing much, but all the old skills are being fine-tuned. Walking and running are getting much more coordinated, he can squat, climb and is almost launching himself off the ground when he tries to jump.

Climbing is a favorite, which gives me mini heart-attacks several times a day as he walks precariously along the edge of the sofa or the bed when I turn my back for a second.

As he watches me do lots of different things, and use lots of different tools (brushes, knives, my phone etc..) he wants to do the same. He insists on brushing his own teeth although that really only involves chewing on his toothbrush for a few minutes (better than nothing I suppose).

He is `talking` constantly although only 1% of it makes sense. He still refers to this as kore and sometimes asks kore wa? (what is this?). He knows who daddy is and sometimes calls Daddy too! He is a bit confused by the idea of mummy (but since no one refers to me as mummy except me, I am not surprised).

Other words and phrases? choo choo (as the sound of a train) and here you are. He also says hai, hai, hai when pretending to talk on the phone, hai when giving me something or hai! when we call his name. Hai means yes in Japanese, but is also used to mean that`s right

In an effort to help him remember the names of family members, I have printed a book of photos and printed each person`s name underneath. I hope that reading this together will help him.

As well as reading books, we sometimes look at flashcards, sing nursery rhymes and look at small posters I printed and have on the walls (pictures and words).

He still loves food, although at dinner time he refuses to eat anything from his baby-bowl or baby-spoon. He mostly refuses food that is fed to him on a spoon/fork, and prefers to pick up his own.

He really enjoys TV (we only let him watch the baby channel on cable) and the Chuggington DVDs. He really likes trains and always gets excited when we see trains as we walk around the neighborhood (we live near a train station!)

He also loves this new wooden puzzle we bought!

We are down to one nap a day (usually sometime between 11:00 and 1:00) which lasts anywhere from an hour two an hour and a half. He still only naps in the Ergo (or car seat / stroller) but it doesn`t bother me too much because it means I get an hour`s worth of cuddles every day! Hot and sweaty cuddles, but they are great nonetheless.

He knows exactly when he is being naughty or doing something he shouldn't, but it is hard to get angry (partly because he is just so darned cute, and partly because by the time I compose myself he has moved onto the next thing!).

He really loves dancing and has recently started to enjoy Head, shoulders knees and toes!! An oldie but a goodie!

He is still interested in his books but can hardly concentrate long enough for me to finish reading a whole page - he sure is BUSY!  He is definitely NOT at this stage... wow, a 17 month old who can read! Tell me this is not normal...

Thanks for yet another fun month Aiden!! The next month-birthday we celebrate will be with Grandma (my mum) who is coming to visit Japan in October!!


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