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My favorite TV shows are back!

Looks like some of my favorite shows are back on again after the summer hiatus! Yippee :)

Greys Anatomy
Private Practice
The Big Bang Theory
Criminal Minds
Law & Order SVU
How do you watch American TV if you live outside of America? I love Channel 131 and Watch TV even though the videos do take a bit of time to load.

Now I just need to find time to watch them :)

New to me

Over the past week I have come across some pretty cool things that I wanted to share with you all.

This broke teacher designed dry-erase boards for all her students using old DVD cases. Brilliant idea!! It will be great for beginner writers to practice their letters!

This USB watch is geeky but fun! It charges for 7 days in a 10-minute session with your PC.

The Penguin tea timer is adorable! Think my sister would love this one :)

This one could be dangerous. A website that delivers wine to your door in Japan (free for orders over 10,000yen). They have an english website here, and loads of international wine! Yummy! And it could be a good present idea (from friends and family abroad!)

And last one, for the bubs. Fisher Price has some great iPod and iPhone apps, and best of all? They are free!!

DIY studded converse

I was inspired after seeing the picture below and remembering that I had a pair of Converse high-tops that I hadn`t worn for over 3-4 years!

I bought 4 different kinds of studs from this Etsy store (total only 1,417yen including shipping!!!). 

I looked at pictures on this site, and this site and used a bit of my own imagination. It was more difficult than I expected (and resulted in a few pierced fingers) but overall I finished in a few evenings.

Here are some pics from my crafting project and the finished result. What do you think?

I am happy and think they will look cute with tights this winter :)

My little pumpkin at USJ

We went to USJ (Universal studios Japan) on Wednesday and had a great time. Here are some pics from our day out...

It is `Halloween season` at USJ so Aiden wore his little Snoopy pumpkin romper... too cute!

(`Hey daddy check out this cool American car!!`)

(it is hot and thirsty work being a pumpkin!!)

Almost forgot to mention that we bought the USJ annual pass. We heard that the prices are going UP from January next year, so we thought that now might be the time to invest.
The cost for an adult`s annual pass is now 15,800yen, which means you only have to go 2-3 times in the year to make it pay for itself (one entry is 6,400yen for adults). Parking on-site is also cheaper if you have an annual pass, and of course you don`t have to queue to buy tickets. There is a list of all the ticket prices here (and here in English).

Park fun

In about an hour at the park yesterday I managed to take 100 photos of Aiden! Oh dear!

I won`t bore you with all of them (haha) but just a few to show his smiley face. I wish the park had better swings and was a bit safer for little kids (just sand and concrete under the jungle gym and slides) but Aiden seems to love it, especially those poles!

We went back again today but the park was full of bigger kids running and playing the fool on the jungle gym. A bit dangerous :(

Baby in boots

Seeing little kids wearing gumboots (rain boots) just has to top my list of favorite things recently. While I have seen some adorable themed, colorful and designer toddler boots online, 

I opted for the 500yen version from Nishimatsuya - because Aiden is growing so fast and I can`t really justify spending more.

When Aiden and I go out onto the balcony to hang out the washing, Aiden likes to wear his gumboots and stomp around.

Today I snapped some pics of the cuteness;

...and then... one fell off onto the ground!

Despite that sad face, I still love those gumboots!


I was recommended this site by a friend who has kids and loves buying them cute and trendy clothes (but hates spending hundreds of dollars on things that will only be worn for a few months).

Basically they have daily (or 2-daily) deals on clothes from global brands and specialise in infant, toddler and kids clothing (as well as toys, accessories and some maternity wear too).

They will send you an email every morning letting you know which brands will be on sale that day.

They ship to Japan using DHL express (which can be a bit pricey, depending on how much you buy).

Click here to sign up.

Here are some of the cute things they had on sale (from the brand La Zoo) today...

Each one was less than 2,000yen!

Happy shopping.

*This is not a sponsored post (but if friends sign up to the service and buy things, you can earn store credit). Just spreading the shopping love!! (update)

I have been looking for the perfect winter boot since my old favorites met a terrible death about 3 years ago (something about a bicycle, too much speed, broken brakes and the heel stuck in my pedal...).

I have been searching the web, fashion blogs and even Pinterest in the hopes of finding something I love. And then I did! The most gorgeous knee-high brown boots with flat soles, buttons and buckles in the most delicious soft leather. And then I found out they were part of last season`s collection and there were none to be found... not even on Ebay (yes I checked).

During my search I stumbled across a website named Yoox. They have a Japanese version (here) too which converts all costs into yen and ships things easily using Japanese addresses. Yoox specialises in brand clothing and shoes, mostly from Italy and other European countries. I was surprised at their low prices (compared to other sites), and wondered if they were selling fakes.

After reading enough good reviews of their products…

New to me

This week I found some cool things online that are, well, new to me!

Since I am feeling generous, I thought I would share them with you...

Take a picture of your living room, or of your child while he/she is sleeping and after uploading it, add Santa, the Tooth Fairy or the Easter bunny! This one is $9.95 but this iPhone app is free! Too cute :)

Stop making grammar mistakes that make you look dumb!! My pet peeve is these kinds of mistakes (especially on FB)... how hard is it really people??

A great selection of toddler food. Yummy!

Did you know you can buy flashcards (or their PDF versions) on Etsy? What a great idea! There are some really cute designs here and here and here.

This range of kids clothing is adorable. A little expensive... can I justify it??

This lot is super cute too (and organic)! Oh I really have to stop looking at kids` clothing online!! Dangerous ;)
Are you a loyal Skype user? Me too, but recently I started using Hangout (by Google Plus). You can add all kinds of effects a…

DIY ABC Magnet Board

I found this gorgeous idea on Pinterest a week or so ago and decided that I absolutely had to make one for Aiden.

Easier said than done!

Buying an oil drip pan is much harder than it is in the US apparently. Lots of commenters (on the original blog post) said that they bought theirs from Walmart...

I finally found a reasonably priced magnet board at Ikea and bought some magnets from Toys R Us. So my board turned out a lot smaller than the original, but in a Japanese home, space is not a luxury we all have!

I printed out some letters and stuck them to coloured paper, then the magnet board. Aiden obviously doesn`t understand the concept yet, but I am hoping it will introduce him to letters. The magnet set also contained lower case letters, and numbers too, so I will change up the board when Aiden`s level increases.

I am planning to attach the board to a wall at some point! Probably when Yoshi has a day off...

17 months old

HAPPY 17 month birthday Aiden!

Ok, wow. Another month has passed and my little munchkin is now 17 months old. Almost a year and a half old!

What is new? Nothing much, but all the old skills are being fine-tuned. Walking and running are getting much more coordinated, he can squat, climb and is almost launching himself off the ground when he tries to jump.

Climbing is a favorite, which gives me mini heart-attacks several times a day as he walks precariously along the edge of the sofa or the bed when I turn my back for a second.

As he watches me do lots of different things, and use lots of different tools (brushes, knives, my phone etc..) he wants to do the same. He insists on brushing his own teeth although that really only involves chewing on his toothbrush for a few minutes (better than nothing I suppose).

He is `talking` constantly although only 1% of it makes sense. He still refers to this as kore and sometimes asks kore wa? (what is this?). He knows who daddy is and sometimes ca…