What are suteteko (ステテコ)?

Designed and worn way back before the Meiji era of Japan, suteteko are undergarments traditionally worn under kimono and hakama. Check out the Japan Times article about them here for more info.

They are loose and cool and are designed to be worn in summer (sometimes under mens` suits to absorb sweat and keep air circulating around the body.

They have recently made a comeback in a seriously cute and comfy way... I wear mine to bed, and around home in the evening, but to some, they are a fashion item!

for kids:

for women  sometimes called jyoshiteco (women's teko):

for men:

Check out suteteco.com, or their online shop here for some of their cute designs. Uniqlo has a lot too!

*Not a sponsored post. I bought my suteteko from Lulu in Namba parks.


  1. happy 16th month! aiden!!! time flies!!! and you are doing great. i mean you are doing perfect as a mom. i knew you are a perfectionist, but didn't imagine that helps a lot for you son to grow up :) i am always very happy to see your son growing up healthy!!!

  2. somehow, i couldn't find the original post, so i wrote here. sorry...


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