This heat is no joke

I pride myself in being a lover of summer, sunshine, the beach, sand and the great outdoors (not that I get to enjoy much of it living in Japan).
I remember summers as a teenager and wearing a hat was definitely not a top priority, a bit of sunscreen and some sunglasses were the most I managed, and I was none the worse for it. A hot day was probably 28-30degrees, but when you were near the ocean or lazing around with all the doors and windows open at home, the breeze always cooled things down.

Here in Japan though, the average temperature over the last few weeks has been around 35degrees (celcius). Humidity is above 50% every day, and the heat just hangs around, trapped by roads, buildings and other concrete things. It is hot. Very very hot.

Walking to work each day takes me around 10 minutes. I carry Aiden in the Ergo because after I leave work he usually falls asleep, and being in the Ergo just makes things easier when I get him home and lay him out on the bed.

Last Tuesday after I got home from work, unloaded Aiden and sat down to check my emails, the headache started. Soon after that I felt really dizzy, then nauseous. I couldn`t eat anything at lunchtime and just felt this overwhelming desire to close my eyes and lay down on the floor. Heatstroke or nechuushou (熱中症) in Japanese. People are dropping dead every day this summer because of heatstroke. It really is scary stuff.

So yesterday I went out and bought a sun umbrella / parasol to carry while I walk to work. I now fit in with more that 50% of the female population in Japan, who carry them everywhere, even while riding their bikes.

I refuse to buy those long arm-cover things, but the parasol really helped today.

There are lots of other `cool-down` things for sale in Japan, have a look at some of them below...

cooling eye masks

 cooling ice pillows

cooling face towels with ice-pack insert

 water mist fans

cooling neck towels

icepacks for your computer

back supporters with ice-pack inserts

and cool foam spray!

Be careful everyone!


  1. Yep, foul! Hey, I have one of those gel cooling pads for the ergo. Doesn't help me so much but I think K is def more comfortable. Maybe you could try one? Don't worry I am also now a proud parasol carrier ;)


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