Sunny Sunday

Today Yoshi was working (as he does every Sunday) but I felt like a day out of the house, so Aiden and I took the train to Uehonmachi (about 20mins from out local station).

Near Uehonmachi Osaka station (right on top actually - if you come by subway), is the Kintetsu department store. Japan has a lot of hidden rooftop gardens and this department store is no exception. There is a beer garden, a `fresh fruit` cafe (旬のフルーツカフェもんちっち), and a dog run on the roof!

Aiden and I enjoyed a banana smoothie and he had a little run-around on the grass. It was nice to escape the hustle of the department store and station below, and there were only a handful of people up there. 

The menu at the cafe is all in Japanese, but they have soft-cream (soft-serve ice-cream), coffee, juice and a variety of desserts.

Such a nice way to spend an hour on a HOT Sunday afternoon.

On the 7th floor of the department store is the baby/kids clothing section, and they have a pretty good selection. There is a baby changing/feeding room, and a lot of toys for sale too, including some of the wooden Bornelund toys which (although are a little overpriced) are very cute! There are some toys on display so that kids can test them out. The toys are on a carpeted area, so make sure your kids take off their shoes! Aiden loved the puzzles and played with the bead looping toys too. After he destroyed a beautifully set-up wooden train track, it was time for us to leave!

A 1 minute walk from the Kintetsu department store, you will find Yufura, a relatively new shopping mall which is home to Muji, a huge Uniqlo, some cafes and restaurants, as well as other shops and boutiques.  I enjoyed a Subway (サブウェイ open 8:00~21:00)sandwich topped with extra avocado, and a small cup of frozen mango pieces! YUM!

Also in the area? The Osaka Red Cross hospital, the Sheraton Osaka and Shinkabukiza (an amazing theater where kabuki plays are performed).


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