Obon in Guam

Aiden, Yoshi and I (and about a million other people from Japan) made the 3 hour flight to Guam over the Obon vacation. We left Osaka around 10pm on Tuesday night and arrived in our hotel room around 4:30am.

The first day was a wet one and we spent most of the day shopping and relaxing after a long night in lines at the airport. We visited Micronesia Mall, the DFS galleria and Kmart!
my cute toenails (after another trip to SpeedNail)

The second day was sunny and we managed to get to the pool, and the beach, as well as some fabulous food and a bit more shopping.

The third day was cloudy, but we got to the pool again, and watched the sunset from the beach.

We left our hotel at 1am and arrived back at home at around 8am.

Apart from the first and last night (and the complete lack of sleep), it was a brilliant short break away from Japan. It was so nice to spend time with Yoshi, the hotel (The Outrigger) was nice, the American food (and the big servings), being able to buy my favorite products (deodorant, toothpaste etc..) and watching Aiden have fun in the water was awesome!



  1. what a great mini break - minus the sleep!! I'd love to get to Guam. Sounds like a good compromise for a holiday as I wouldn't be forcing hub to stay eight days or whatever ungodly length I force him to stay if we fly all the way to NZ!!


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