16 months old!

Happy 16 month birthday Aiden!

He is now about 80cm tall and weighs about 10.2kg.

According to the experts, 16-month-olds should be...

exploring their environments ... yes! Every space of every room has been thoroughly investigated, poked through and emptied out!

challenging their limits ... yes! He is not satisfied with just walking; he must be walking with an armload of stuff / just climbing; he must be climbing precariously on the edge of things and just out of my reach.

stacking ... yes! And not just blocks either; he loves to stack up plates, bowls, and containers that he finds on the dining table.

drawing and making things ... yes! And although he has some lovely baby crayons of his own, he much prefers the pens and pencils of others (and their important letters, homework assignments and bills to draw on).

learning what kind of responses his different behaviors elicit ... yes! He loves to laugh and make others laugh, but he also knows that `Mamamamamama` is likely to get him a big cuddle from me too.

remembering things ... yes! Aiden has a good memory for the location of things, as well as routines. He often surprises me by pointing out things that I tried to hide from him a few hours (or even days) ago.

erratic with eating habits ... Very! Aiden loves eating, but will sometimes (and who knows when or why?) refuse the food I give him if it is served in his own green bowl. He much prefers things right off my plate.

enjoying books ... yes! Aiden loves books and this month has been really fond of his Chuggington character books. He loves to play with the toys, watch the show and read the books (so he gets a REALLY big smile on his face when he hears that theme song ... too bad for me who has to repeat it 100x a day!)

He also loves water; the bath or his little paddling pool are great places to be (and burn off some energy!)

... and dancing!

Another fun, but challenging months as he is still struggling with ways to express himself. There are more sounds that resemble words but nothing concrete yet. His baby babbles are still cute, but when it turns to whinging and screaming, that`s a whole different story!


  1. Happy 16th month birthday Aiden!!!

    The 5th photo down, I can totally see what he will look like when he gets older and I fear he will be breaking hearts! Handsome little lad!!

  2. Gosh..your son is adorable!!

  3. Thank you both for your lovely comments. I (of course) only photograph the moments I want to remember and that does not include the tantrums, ripping pages out of books, etc etc, but yes, I think he is pretty cute most of the time!


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