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Sunny Sunday

Today Yoshi was working (as he does every Sunday) but I felt like a day out of the house, so Aiden and I took the train to Uehonmachi (about 20mins from out local station).

Near Uehonmachi Osaka station (right on top actually - if you come by subway), is theKintetsudepartment store. Japan has a lot of hidden rooftop gardens and this department store is no exception. There is a beer garden, a `fresh fruit` cafe (旬のフルーツカフェもんちっち), and a dog run on theroof!

Aiden and I enjoyed a banana smoothie and he had a little run-around on the grass. It was nice to escape the hustle of the department store and station below, and there were only a handful of people up there. 

The menu at the cafe is all in Japanese, but they have soft-cream (soft-serve ice-cream), coffee, juice and a variety of desserts.

Such a nice way to spend an hour on a HOT Sunday afternoon.

On the 7th floor of the department store is the baby/kids clothing section, and they have a pretty good selection. There is a baby changing/feedi…

Japan and the 24hr TV telethon

Today and tomorrow mark the 35th anniversary of the Japan telethon known as 24 hour TV.

Here is some information about the telethon (from the website here in Japanese and here in English).

First of all, what exactly is 24 hour TV?

The telethon “24-Hour Television” started as a charity project in 1978 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Nippon Television Network Corporation and its affiliates. Based on the theme “Love Saves the Earth,” the aim of the charity program is to introduce existing conditions of social welfare in Japan as well as around the world, and to appeal the need for assistance towards disadvantaged people. 
The first campaign was successful as it gained public support largely through television viewers, and raised approximately 1.2 billion yen in donations. Consequently, the 24-Hour Television Charity Committee was established in the same year to administer funds donated by TV program viewers. The telethon has continued ever since, and has raised a total donation of 27,…

Loving me

After complaining to my lil sis for weeks about how much I detest the state of my body these days, she sent me the nicest link yesterday. This cool mama posted about her body image after giving birth to her son just 7 months prior and her words sum up so many of my feelings. Except for one part... she has gotten past the hate, and moved right on to love! She even included pics of her cute self - those boobs!! She is gorgeous!!

Society in general (especially the media and Hollywood) tends to skew the image of pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Pregnancy is when thin, beautiful women grow basketball shaped bumps on their fronts, and nine-ten months later produce chubby little angels with golden curls (who never cry, and sleep through the night). 2-3 months later, mum appears, glowing and gushing about her sweet cherub, right back into her pre-preggo skinny jeans.

Except that isn`t what happens at all! And after having NO preggy friends or family around me in my teens and 20s, I was as shocke…

Obon in Guam

Aiden, Yoshi and I (and about a million other people from Japan) made the 3 hour flight to Guam over the Obon vacation. We left Osaka around 10pm on Tuesday night and arrived in our hotel room around 4:30am.

The first day was a wet one and we spent most of the day shopping and relaxing after a long night in lines at the airport. We visited Micronesia Mall, the DFS galleria and Kmart!
my cute toenails (after another trip to SpeedNail)
The second day was sunny and we managed to get to the pool, and the beach, as well as some fabulous food and a bit more shopping.

The third day was cloudy, but we got to the pool again, and watched the sunset from the beach.

We left our hotel at 1am and arrived back at home at around 8am.

Apart from the first and last night (and the complete lack of sleep), it was a brilliant short break away from Japan. It was so nice to spend time with Yoshi, the hotel (The Outrigger) was nice, the American food (and the big servings), being able to buy my favorite products (…

American Car Festival 2012

We had a nice couple of hours visiting Yoshi at the American car festival on Sunday (his company had a booth where they displayed 3 Camaros and advertised their business).

It felt like it was about 100degrees but when the sea breeze blew through the tent it was quite nice.

Here are some pics!

I painted Yoshi`s company logo on the back of Aiden`s teeshirt! He is such a cute little mascot :)

We are going to Guam tonight for 3 days of Obon vacation fun.

See you all when we get back.


16 months old!

Happy 16 month birthday Aiden!

He is now about 80cm tall and weighs about 10.2kg.

According to the experts, 16-month-olds should be...

exploring their environments ... yes! Every space of every room has been thoroughly investigated, poked through and emptied out!

challenging their limits ... yes! He is not satisfied with just walking; he must be walking with an armload of stuff / just climbing; he must be climbing precariously on the edge of things and just out of my reach.

stacking ... yes! And not just blocks either; he loves to stack up plates, bowls, and containers that he finds on the dining table.

drawing and making things ... yes! And although he has some lovely baby crayons of his own, he much prefers the pens and pencils of others (and their important letters, homework assignments and bills to draw on).

learning what kind of responses his different behaviors elicit ... yes! He loves to laugh and make others laugh, but he also knows that `Mamamamamama` is likely to get him a big cudd…

What are suteteko (ステテコ)?

Designed and worn way back before the Meiji era of Japan, suteteko are undergarments traditionally worn under kimono and hakama. Check out the Japan Times article about them here for more info.

They are loose and cool and are designed to be worn in summer (sometimes under mens` suits to absorb sweat and keep air circulating around the body.

They have recently made a comeback in a seriously cute and comfy way... I wear mine to bed, and around home in the evening, but to some, they are a fashion item!

for kids:

for women  sometimes called jyoshiteco (women's teko):

for men:

Check out, or their online shop here for some of their cute designs. Uniqlo has a lot too!

*Not a sponsored post. I bought my suteteko from Lulu in Namba parks.

This heat is no joke

I pride myself in being a lover of summer, sunshine, the beach, sand and the great outdoors (not that I get to enjoy much of it living in Japan).
I remember summers as a teenager and wearing a hat was definitely not a top priority, a bit of sunscreen and some sunglasses were the most I managed, and I was none the worse for it. A hot day was probably 28-30degrees, but when you were near the ocean or lazing around with all the doors and windows open at home, the breeze always cooled things down.

Here in Japan though, the average temperature over the last few weeks has been around 35degrees (celcius). Humidity is above 50% every day, and the heat just hangs around, trapped by roads, buildings and other concrete things. It is hot. Very very hot.

Walking to work each day takes me around 10 minutes. I carry Aiden in the Ergo because after I leave work he usually falls asleep, and being in the Ergo just makes things easier when I get him home and lay him out on the bed.

Last Tuesday after I got …