Sunny walk to work

It dawned on me this morning that many of you lovely readers don't live in Japan and may wonder what life looks like (aside from the sushi, temples and fast paced neon-lit city life).

It is such a beautiful day today (sweltering 32degrees, clear blue sky) that I decided to take some pictures on my walk to work, and give you an insight to local Japanese life.

Here goes...

This is the view up the one-way street near my house. The road goes east towards Mt Ikoma. On the other side of the mountain is Nara.

Some of the newer `town-houses` in my neighborhood look like these. There are usually 2 or 3 that look identical from the outside.

But there are a lot of old houses too. They take such good care of their trees! 

Most people don't even have enough parking for their own car(s) so there are lots of pay-as-you-go parking lots like this for visitors to the surrounding houses.

Here is a newer type of `mansion` which is like a small block of concrete flats. This `mansion` is named Erica (haha).

And here is a much older example. These are tiny flats mostly inhabited by very old people who mostly live alone (you can see the pink motorized scooter outside one flat). 

Here is a small temple/shrine I walk past every day. People place offerings to the Gods inside. Today I saw a handkerchief and a small mandarin orange.

Here you can see some Japanese road signs and a house which has its `futons` (mattresses) outside to dry.

Most houses don't have backyards, so all the washing is hung outside on balconies for the world to see!

The bike shop sells bicycles and does repairs.

Here are some 100yen drink vending machines. Most drinks cost between 100-150yen at ordinary vending machines so this one is a bargain!!

Here is the covered shoutengai (arcade). It is full of cheap and cheerful shops and restaurants. You have to have your wits about you when you walk through here or you will likely be knocked over by a speeding grandma on her bicycle!

One of the best things about my neighborhood is that there are THREE 100yen shops! You can buy almost anything at these shops. Look at all the bikes parked outside! It is a popular place to shop.

This hair salon is called `More Plain`. Would you like to have your hair cut here?

The stairs up to the 2nd floor of the building where I work.

And that concludes today`s tour!


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