Our visit to Toy Kingdom Hyogo

Another hot and sticky day here in Osaka yesterday which temperatures reaching a sweltering 35 degrees in parts of the city!

We chose to escape to Hyogo (the next prefecture) and went to a small theme park in the middle of nowhere, called Toy Kingdom (or Omochaoukoku in Japanese).

There are some indoor and outdoor play areas, and it was perfect for Aiden (and other 1-5 year olds especially) with small ride-on trains and cars, some small roller coasters and lots of toy cars and trains inside to play with (and cool down).

There is also a pool and water-slide area, but neither Yoshi or I were keen to strip down to our togs, so didn`t pay the extra admission fee.

Here are some of our photos from the day... Looks like I enjoyed the trains more than Aiden (hehe).

Aiden`s hat (it is reversible!!) comes from here (Little Baby Bat on Etsy), his tank top is from Petit Bateau.

My mint tank is from H&M and denim shorts are from Zara.


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