Nap Training my 14 month old

Since the weather has really started to heat up (almost 30degrees every day recently), and Osaka is as humid as it is hot, Aiden`s sleeping in the Ergo for naps was wearing rather thin. I usually wore him as I walked around my neighborhood to get him to sleep, but we would both return home a sweaty sticky mess!

He would usually sleep 1 and 1/2 hours in the Ergo as I walked, sat, worked at the computer etc, once or twice a day.

On Yoshi`s day off, we go out by car and Aiden will nap in the car seat quite well.


After having some success getting Aiden to sleep better at night, I decided Tuesday (a surprise day off work as Osaka was issued a rain warning in the morning) would be a good a day as any to start trying to get Aiden to nap in the portacot (folded up and put away since he never took a nap or slept in there).

At around 11:30am (when he usually starts getting cranky), I opened up the portacot and put a stuffed toy inside. I filled up Aiden`s bottle with water (like I do before bedtime) and put him in the cot. I sat beside the cot and started reading Dr Seuss `One fish two fish...`.

He jumped around, threw his bottle on the floor and played a bit until he got tired of the situation and cried to be taken out of the cot. I picked him up, shh`d him and put him back in. This continued for about 40 minutes. He finally had enough and started screaming, so I picked him up and rocked him till he fell asleep.

I tried to lower him into the portacot, but as most babies do, Aiden has a great built-in height sensor system and the minute I lowered him, he woke up and screamed.

I picked him up again and shh`d him, then lay him down in the cot, kneeled down next to it, and tried (very uncomfortably for me) to pat his bum and hum `You are my sunshine` until he drifted off to sleep again. 

Now it was 12:20. He was asleep!

I sat next to the cot for 20 minutes, then braved leaving the room for a toilet break. Success!

He ended up sleeping for 1 hour and 12 minutes. It was officially the first time I have had nap-time to myself! Of course I wasted it surfing the net, but it was a kind of reward for me.

I tried it again in the evening and after 30 minutes of trying (rocking etc), he fell asleep and stayed that way for 43 minutes.


Today was Yoshi`s day off and we had plans in the afternoon (so Aiden slept in the car), but in the morning, I tried the same techniques and he slept for 54 minutes.


I had no luck getting him to sleep in the cot today as Yoshi was awake at nap time and Aiden wanted to play. He slept in the car today too.


After coming home from work around 12, I put Aiden in the cot and gave him his bottle. After picking him up and putting him down once, I sat on the sofa and waited for 10 minutes. He fell asleep on his own and slept for an hour and a half!! Progress??

It has been a good week although I haven't done anything productive during nap time yet. I think I am half expecting him to wake up at any moment, so don't start anything I won't be able to finish. Here`s hoping the weekend, and next week go just as well.


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