15 months old

Lets start with an update on napping...

Yesterday morning Aiden fell asleep in the portacot after about 10minutes of fussing (and picking up/putting down) and slept for an hour.
Yesterday afternoon he was soooo grumpy and despite my best efforts (and over an hour of trying), he wouldn't go down for a nap. Luckily we had dinner a little earlier than usual last night (7pm instead of 8pm) and Aiden had an early bedtime.

This morning it took about 20 minutes of fussing and screaming for Aiden to fall asleep. He is still asleep, so fingers crossed it will be for an hour (or more!!)

So today is Aiden`s 15 month birthday!

Whats new?

Height - about 79cm
Weight - about 10kg

There are some strong personality changes coming through. If I have said he was stubborn before... well he sure is stubborn and grumpy now, and I`m terrified of the coming months as he becomes 2, then 3 and that stubbornness and grumpiness become full-blown tantrums. I am not sure, but it seems like he has things he really wants to do and say, and because he cannot, he gets so frustrated with himself, and me of course!

The baby books say that this time is one when babies start to really express themselves in play, pleasure, AND protest!! That`s for sure! The books also say that this time is a trying one, and that it is very important to maintain balance. I`ll keep doing my best...

Aiden is not saying any actual words yet, although there are sounds that resemble the words for `daddy` `bye-bye` `ball` and `book`. My boss at work told me that Aiden is speaking some Osaka-ben (Osaka`s local dialect) in the form of `akan` (I can't do it) and also saying `kore` (this) when pointing at things.

Shopping is becoming more of a challenge as Aiden doesn't want to be strapped in, and prefers walking around, grabbing things off the shelves and generally doing things he shouldn't be!

Everything that Aiden sees me doing, he also wants a part of... after I lock the door, he demands to hold the keys; after I take a drink and screw on the cap, he wants to do the same; while I am talking on the phone, he tries to talk too. Such a time of discovery!

He sure has a great sense of humor and loves doing things to make us laugh!

He has also become very interested in drawing. He has this great water pen and drawing mat; and some crayons and paper too.

He loves the park and the indoor playground, and like other toddlers, has no fear! I have to watch him very carefully because in the blink of an eye he manages to climb up into the jungle gym, or race across to the small creek nearby.  

He can climb stairs more easily, feed himself with his hands easily, drink from a variety of cups with straws and spouts, find objects hidden out of sight, and understand some simple commands and questions (like `take this to daddy`, or `where is your ball?`) even though he cannot answer yet.

He also loves putting things inside other things (as I have mentioned before). This month I made a simple toy using pipe cleaners and a soft plastic honey-pot (both from the 100yen shop). He loves it!

Admittedly it is easy to treat Aiden more as a child than a baby because he has grown so much over the last 15 months. He is closer to running than walking now, and most people we meet in the street, on the train, or at school comment how well he is doing for his age. I sometimes forget that he is still very much my little bub!

Happy 15 months little man! Here`s hoping we get through the next few months trouble free :)


  1. Do challenge him! He isn't a baby... you know what he is capable of - do mini Circle Times with him, a few times a day. Hope you will enjoy it with him!x


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