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Our visit to Toy Kingdom Hyogo

Another hot and sticky day here in Osaka yesterday which temperatures reaching a sweltering 35 degrees in parts of the city!
We chose to escape to Hyogo (the next prefecture) and went to a small theme park in the middle of nowhere, called Toy Kingdom (or Omochaoukoku in Japanese).
There are some indoor and outdoor play areas, and it was perfect for Aiden (and other 1-5 year olds especially) with small ride-on trains and cars, some small roller coasters and lots of toy cars and trains inside to play with (and cool down).
There is also a pool and water-slide area, but neither Yoshi or I were keen to strip down to our togs, so didn`t pay the extra admission fee.
Here are some of our photos from the day... Looks like I enjoyed the trains more than Aiden (hehe).

Aiden`s hat (it is reversible!!) comes from here (Little Baby Bat on Etsy), his tank top is from Petit Bateau.
My mint tank is from H&M and denim shorts are from Zara.

A table?

It suddenly dawned on me this afternoon as I walked home from work that I can attribute at least 50% of the stress in my life to one cause... and no it isn't my mother-in-law!

Let me explain it to you... We live with my husbands mother, in her house. The living room, her bedroom, the bathroom and kitchen are on the 1st floor, and our room (and another room, used for storage) is on the second floor.

When we are at home, Aiden and I spend a huge percentage of our time (at least 80%) upstairs in our room. 

I can't relax when we are downstairs, and I realized one of the reasons why... it is because the table (dining table) is a low table, about 30cm off the ground. Typical japanese style, we eat (and do many other things) sitting on the floor around this low table. 

It is the perfect height for Aiden to reach everything on it. Which means that when I set the table for dinner, he can reach (and grab) all the dangerous things... chopsticks, knives, glasses of tea, bottles of sauce, plat…

Sunny walk to work

It dawned on me this morning that many of you lovely readers don't live in Japan and may wonder what life looks like (aside from the sushi, temples and fast paced neon-lit city life).

It is such a beautiful day today (sweltering 32degrees, clear blue sky) that I decided to take some pictures on my walk to work, and give you an insight to local Japanese life.

Here goes...

This is the view up the one-way street near my house. The road goes east towards Mt Ikoma. On the other side of the mountain is Nara.

Some of the newer `town-houses` in my neighborhood look like these. There are usually 2 or 3 that look identical from the outside.

But there are a lot of old houses too. They take such good care of their trees! 

Most people don't even have enough parking for their own car(s) so there are lots of pay-as-you-go parking lots like this for visitors to the surrounding houses.

Here is a newer type of `mansion` which is like a small block of concrete flats. This `mansion` is named Erica (haha…

Yu Kids indoor fun for kids in Osaka

There are quite a few indoor play areas for kids around Osaka, including local city-hall type play-centres (which are free to enter), big gymnasium types like Dream 21 near the Higashi Hanazo station, and shopping mall type playrooms!

Yesterday we took Aiden to Aramoto Aeon Mall which is home to a small selection of shops and restaurants, as well as Yu Kids Island (遊キッズ愛ランド) play room. It cost 500yen for Aiden to play for an hour. Parents are welcome to go in with their kids, or sit around the edge (on bar stool type chairs) and watch them.

He had a lot of fun jumping, running, riding and playing with lots of new things...

Highly recommended!

2 year wedding anniversary

Today marks our second wedding anniversary as we were married on July 11th 2010!

Here is a link to the post I wrote on our first anniversary. And here are some pictures from our pre-wedding photo shoot.

I can't believe that wonderful day was 2 years ago. So much has happened since then, and we have a 15 month old son now! 

I have so many fond memories of our wedding day, so here are a few pics in case you missed them the first time!

I wish we could be one of those celebrity couples who get married every year!! It was so much fun!

Happy anniversary Yoshi xx

New foreigners registration system in Japan officially starts today

Source: JapanToday
A new system of residence management for foreign residents that combines the information collected via the Immigration Control Act and the Alien Registration Law respectively went into effect on Monday.
All foreign nationals residing legally in Japan for a medium to long term are subject to this new system. To apply for the new card, you are required to appear in person at the nearest regional immigration bureau. The Ministry of Justice says the new system ensures further convenience for such persons by extending the maximum period of stay from 3 years to 5 years. In addition, a system of “presumed permit of re-entry,” which essentially exempts the need to file an application for permission for re-entry when re-entering Japan within one year of departure, will be implemented. Upon introduction of the new system of residence management, the current alien registration system shall become defunct. Medium- to long-term residents will get a new residence card which they will…

15 months old

Lets start with an update on napping...

Yesterday morning Aiden fell asleep in the portacot after about 10minutes of fussing (and picking up/putting down) and slept for an hour.
Yesterday afternoon he was soooo grumpy and despite my best efforts (and over an hour of trying), he wouldn't go down for a nap. Luckily we had dinner a little earlier than usual last night (7pm instead of 8pm) and Aiden had an early bedtime.

This morning it took about 20 minutes of fussing and screaming for Aiden to fall asleep. He is still asleep, so fingers crossed it will be for an hour (or more!!)

So today is Aiden`s 15 month birthday!

Whats new?

Height - about 79cm
Weight - about 10kg

There are some strong personality changes coming through. If I have said he was stubborn before... well he sure is stubborn and grumpy now, and I`m terrified of the coming months as he becomes 2, then 3 and that stubbornness and grumpiness become full-blown tantrums. I am not sure, but it seems like he has things he really want…