Restaurants we have been to lately

Since we haven't done anything exciting recently, I thought I would update you on some yummy things we have eaten.

And if you live (or one day find yourself) in Osaka you could take my word that these are some good places to eat.

Yesterday we went to a Korean restaurant named Chanchi on the 8th floor of the Yodobashi camera building in Umeda. Yoshi and I had a `course` dinner which was a bit more than we usually pay for dinner, but there was SO much food and it was really delicious. 

Aiden had the kids plate which included a juice, a big bowl of udon and 5 little rice balls wrapped in korean seaweed. It was only 550yen! For anyone with kids, there are 2 options on the kids menu, and they also have highchairs.

Last Thursday we ate at the Night & Day Restaurant in the Hankyu International Hotel in Umeda. Yoshi wanted to eat buffet style (because we couldn't make up our minds on what kind of food we wanted to eat), and found this one online.

It was also a bit pricey but a real change to the usual restaurants we go to. Also, there are 60 things on the buffet, which makes for a pretty good selection of food.

They didn't have a kids menu (as part of the buffet) but Aiden enjoyed some of the food that we chose and stuffed his face with udon noodles until he threw up (literally!). Luckily no one else noticed and we cleaned it up pretty quickly!!

Another restaurant where we have eaten recently is named Nigiri Chojiro and is a kaiten-zushi (revolving sushi) restaurant. We really enjoyed it because they also serve udon (which Aiden loves) and chawamushi (which I love) as well as sushi.

The restaurant we went to is in Yao, but I according to their website they have other branches too.


I never think to ask if restaurants have English menus (because I am shy, and because I like to think that I can read almost everything food related!!) but the great thing about most Japanese restaurants is that you can point at the lovely pictures on the menu or at the plastic food models out the front.

Enjoy :)


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