Nothing news worthy

Whats new with you all? Nothing at all has been happening here, so I have been in an un-bloggy mood...

Work is ok (I`m working 2 hours a day 4 days a week, and I can bring Aiden with me which is great!). Although it is a kind of job-share situation, it is a bit hard to take time off, which is a bummer. The great thing about not working is that I was free to take holidays with Yoshi whenever he was off.

I have been doing a bit of shopping!

Here is what I have bought in the last month or so...

Some espadrilles (Soludos Espadrilles  ソルドス エスパドリーユ)! So comfy and very reasonably priced. I got them online here (from Rakuten Japan).

Some parachute pants for Aiden. I got two pairs actually. One from Etsy and one from Akasugu

The first have a cute black and white house design and are handmade by Maddy and Buster. They are a little big so I`ll have to wait for Aiden to grow into them.

The second are called サルエル (Sarouel/Saruel?) pants and are green with a blue pocket on the back. I stole a picture of the model baby from the website to show you what they look like on. So cute!

So we are all set for summer!

In other non-news, I set up a Pinterest account, so you can follow me here if you want to. I am still a newbie and a bit unsure of how the whole thing works... and for what purpose, but it is nice browsing around the beautiful photos!

It is Fathers Day here in Japan tomorrow, and we haven't prepared anything for Yoshi yet. I might make a cheesecake or something. Aiden is obviously still too young to know what is going on, and I didn't get any gifts for Mothers Day, so perhaps baking is the perfect solution (after all, I will be able to enjoy it too!)

*Not a sponsored post. All products were purchased by ME!


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